Bar Recommendations

Name Address Website
(sometimes German only)
Short Description
Shooters Heugasse 1 Choose from over 200 different shots
Coyote Cafe Hauptstraße 130 Nice Cocktails and snaks, after midnight half-priced
Regie Theaterstrasse 2 Large variety of cocktails
Destille Unterestraße 16 TripAdvisor recommends to drink a “Warmer Erpel”, it’s acutally a must-do if you visit the Destille. There’s a buy 10, drink 11 deal for shots
Vater Rhein Untere Neckarstraße 20 One of Heidelbergs most loved pubs. They’ve got a very cheap spaghetti & beer combo. Kitchen hours from 8:30 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Reichsapfel & Lager Untere Straße 35 Traditional bar with DJ music
O’ Reilly’s Brückenkopfstraße 1 Irish Pub
Palmbräu Gasse Hauptstraße 185 The rustic atmosphere of old stonewalls invites you to a nice pint of beer and home-style cooking.
Hemingway’s Fahrtgasse 1 A nice beer garden with everything you need
Karl Lauerstraße 7-9 Traditional bar with music, billiard and darts
Eckstein Fischmarkt 3 Cozy music bar with karaoke and rock/metal


… and a lot more. Just visit the old town and you’ll find them, especially in the “Untere Straße” there is one bar next to the other.