Kids at ISWC / Ubicomp

Kids at ISWC/Ubicomp2016: Computing is Changing How we Live

Kids auf der ISWC/Ubicomp2016: Computer verändern wie wir leben

Session: Thursday, Sep. 15, 16:00-17:30

On Thursday afternoon we offer a special event for children (age 6-14) at the conference. We will have a guided tour through the poster and demo exhibition for children explaining how computers are going to change the way we live. After the tour we do a hands on design session with children on “dreaming up” new devices. We will have a German speaking as well as an English speaking group. Depending on the number of children we will split up into more groups.

This is open to children of participants of the conference. We ask to register interest in the event by email, please sent an email with the subject “Kids at ISWC/Ubicomp2016” to We meet a the registration desk on at 16:00 on Sep. 15.