First Floor Gallery main audience, Robert Schumann Zimmer, Bretano-Zimmer, Hölderlin-Saal

Floorplan of Demos at first floor. Presenters, please check your d-number below and find your place at the floorplan

Demo topics

IoT & Smart Environments

d143 (p349): Smart Helmet for Construction Site Documentation and Work Support
Gerald Pirkl, Peter Hevesi, Orkhan Amarislanov, Paul Lukowicz

d106 (p281): A Demonstration of SwiVRChair: A Motorized Swivel Chair to Nudge Users’ Orientation for 360 Degree Storytelling in Virtual Reality
Jan Gugenheimer, Denis Wolf, Gabriel Haas, Sebastian Krebs, Enrico Rukzio

d116 (p285): A Context-adaptive Workflow Engine for Humans, Things and Services
Steffen Huber, Ronny Seiger, Andre Kühnert, Thomas Schlegel

d127 (p257): Protobject: A Sensing Tool for the Rapid Prototyping of UbiComp Systems
Alessio Bellino

d115 (p305): Automatic Capturing and Analysis of Manual Manufacturing Processes with Minimal Setup Effort
Sönke Knoch, Frederic Kerber, Shreeraman Ponpathirkoottam

d144 (p313): Rapid Interweaving of Smart Things with the meSchup IoT Platform
Thomas Kubitza, Albrecht Schmidt

d112 (p365): Simply Tag and Find: Finding Indoor Items by Using Detection History of RFID Tags
Mana Sasagawa, Kaori Ikematsu, Itiro Siio

d113 (p381): Smart Home Cards: Tangible Programming with Paper Cards
Kazuki Tada, Buntarou Shizuki, Shin Takahashi

d159 (p385): Guiding the Visually Impaired through the Environment with Beacons
Joey van der Bie, Britte Visser, Jordy Matsari, Mijnisha Singh, Timon van Hasselt, Jan Koopman, Ben Kröse

Recognition & Detection

d109 (p249): Speaker-less Sound-based 3D Localization with Centimeter-level Accuracy
Kazuki Awaki, Chun-Hao Liao, Makoto Suzuki, Hiroyuki Morikawa

d140 (p301): Classifying Smartphone Screen ON/OFF State Based On WiFi Probe Patterns
Shuja Jamil, Sohaib Khan, Anas Basalamah, Ahmed Lbath

d170 (p325): When can we Detect Human Respiration with Commodity WiFi Devices?
Junyi Ma, Yuxiang Wang, Hao Wang, Yasha Wang, Daqing Zhang

d175 (p329): COSMS : Unconscious Stress Monitoring System for Office Worker
Naoki Maeda, Yuko Hirabe, Yutaka Arakawa, Keiichi Yasumoto

d148 (p352): Any Problems? A wearable sensor-based platform for representational learning-analytics.
Gerald Pirkl, Peter Hevesi, Paul Lukowicz, Pascal Klein , Carina Heisel , Sebastian Gröber , Jochen Kuhn, Bernhard Sick

d158 (p928): RocComment: Automated Descriptive and Subjective Captioning of Behavioral Videos
Mohammad Ali

Eye & Glasses

d163 (p253): Gaze-guided Object Classification using Deep Neural Networks for Attention-based Computing
Michael Barz, Daniel Sonntag

d176 (p293): The Wordometer 2.0 – Estimating the Number of Words You Read in Real Life using Commercial EOG Glasses
Shoy Ishimaru, Koichi Kise, Kai Kunze, Andreas Dengel

d169 (p341): Smart Glasses with a Peripheral Vision Display
Takuro Nakuo, Kai Kunze

d136 (p369): Solar System – Smooth Pursuit Interactions using EOG glasses
Juichi Shimizu, Juyong Lee, Murtaza Dhuliawala, Andreas Bulling, Thad Starner, Woontack Woo, Kai Kunze

d130 (p389): Regular-Look Eyeglasses Can Monitor Chewing
Rui Zhang, Oliver Amft

Virtual Reality

d149 (p277): EyeVR – Low-Cost VR Eye-based Interaktion
Florian Geiselhart, Michael Rietzler, Enrico Rukzio

d167 (p321): MedicalVR: Towards Medical Remote Collaboration Using Virtual Reality
Andreas Luxenburger, Alexander Prange, Mohammad Mehdi Moniri, Daniel Sonntag

d166 (p333): Peripheral View Calculation in Virtual Reality Applications
Mohammad Mehdi Moniri, Andreas Luxenburger, Daniel Sonntag

Mobile Computing & the Crowd

d102 (p265): Crowdsensing Route Reconstruction using Portable Bluetooth Beacon-based two-way network
Chieh-Ming Chang, Szu-Chuang Li, Yennun Huang

d160 (p297): A Campus-Scale Mobile Crowd-Tasking Platform
Nikita Jaiman, Randy Tandriansyah, Thivya Kandappu, Archan Misra

d108 (p309): AFit: Adaptive Fitness Tracking by Application Function Virtualization
Harini Kolamunna, Yining Hu, Diego Perino, Kanchana Thilakarathna, Dwight Makaroff, Xinlong Guan, Aruna Seneviratne

d125 (p373): sigAlbum: An Embedded Photo Service using a Tiny Text Intelligence
Hae Yong Shin, Hyeon Taek Oh, Woo-Jong Ryu, SangKeun Lee

d152 (p261): CrowdAlert: A mobile app for Event Reporting and User Alerting in Real-time
Ioannis Boutsis, Vana Kalogeraki

Wearable Touch & Tangible & Gesture

d173 (p345): Mogeste: Mobile Tool for In-Situ Motion Gesture Design
Aman Parnami, Apurva Gupta, Gabriel Reyes, Ramik Sadana, Yang Li, Gregory Abowd

d132 (p269): Semi complex navigation with an active optical gesture sensor
Krzysztof Czuszynski, Jacek Ruminski, Adam Bujnowski, Jerzy Wtorek

d147 (p273): Internet of Touch: Analysis and Synthesis of Touch Across Wearable and Mobile Devices
Aduen Darriba Frederiks, Ben J.A. Kräse, Gijs Huisman

d145 (p317): Experimential Tangible UI for Controlling Lightning
Tuomas Lappalainen, Johanna Korpela, Ashley Colley, Jonna Häkkilä

d174 (p357): Towards Improving Touchscreen Input Speed and Accuracy on Smartphones for Tremor Affected Persons
Katrin Plaumann, Milos Babic, Tobias Drey, Witali Hepting, Daniel Stooß, Enrico Rukzio

d117 (p361): Automatic Authentication of Smartphone Touch Interactions using Smartwatch
Juhi Ranjan, Kamin Whitehouse

Hardware and Energy

d104 (p289): Planning Simulation Tool for Designing
Energy Harvesting Applications
Tatsuya Iizuka, Yoshiaki Narusue, Yoshihiro Kawahara, Tohru Asami

d146 (p377): Ubiquitous Wireless Charging
Venkataraman Srinivasan, Orkhan Amiraslanov, Paul Lukowicz, Jingyuan Cheng

d177 (p337): SenStick 2: ultra tiny all-in-one sensor
with wireless charging
Yugo Nakamura, Yutaka Arakawa, Takuya Kanehira, Keiichi Yasumoto

d126 (p245): Large scale, Flexible Electroluminescent Display
Orkhan Amiraslanov, Paul Lukowicz, Jingyuan Cheng